Project Portfolio Management (PPM5)

Actionable data-driven insights. 

Successfully translate organisational strategy into project strategy

Using advanced tools, methods and techniques we empower project organisations and professionals with advanced analytic capabilities and project intelligence to make better informed decisions and achieve project portfolio success.

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Descriptive Analytics

Using project portfolio analytic techniques, we help your organisation harness its project data to forecast project portfolio demand, assess resource allocations and answer what-if scenarios. Thereby, setting your portfolio up for success.

Actionable Insights

Raw project data is transformed and translated into useful and actionable insights that enable decision makers to make a positive impact and achieve organisational goals. Thereby, eliminating gut-feel decision making.

Data Visualisation

Our interactive dashboards are built with effective and easy-to-understand charts to deliver real-time project portfolio indicators and insights, designed to empower management and stakeholders to make better decisions.

Lean Methodology

Typical full-scale Project Portfolio Management solutions require significant investments both upfront and ongoing. Benefit from a pragmatic approach that quickly establishes PPM capability and enterprise resource management.

A framework that leads you to the answer

You don’t have to be a Project Portfolio expert to understand your project data’s insight. Our Project Portfolio Management 5-phase (PPM5) ‘Setup > Collect > Decide > Execute > Evaluate‘ framework seamlessly moves your portfolio forward and keeps it on track.

Enjoy our service

When you purchase a Project Portfolio Service, you get a host of additional benefits from a company that understands your analysis, planning and what-if scenario challenges and organisational improvement goals. 

Pushing Boundaries

We never stop learning and refining our project portfolio tools, methods and techniques. You can always count on our leading-edge analytical capabilities to be up to date.

Fast and Reliable

Timely and reliable insights are key. We pride ourselves on a fast and convenient service to help you consistently achieve your organisational goals.


Every organisation faces unique challenges. We work closely to understand your needs before recommending and customising our solutions.

Cost Effective Services

Our hourly rate is inclusive of our partner platform investments and is comparable to recruiter contractor rates. For each project, we work hard to achieve your goals at a ‘minimum cost’.

Not ready to Buy

Schedule an appointment and allow us to plan your Project Portfolio. Let’s review the results together and if you decide our PPM5 services are not for you, pay nothing and keep the deliverable with our compliments.