Our Approach

Our approach is based on the ‘Plan – Do – Check – Act‘ Framework created by quality guru Edward Deming as a way of structuring problem solving and continuous improvement. Each of our frameworks consist of five phases and reflect the dynamic behaviour of project portfolios and project scheduling over time. Specifically, our services avoid gut-feel and instead rely on ‘data-driven’ insights to solve complex problems.

Our Services

Our services are tailored to your individual needs which maybe ad hoc else more regular. Importantly when circumstances change, we use scenario analysis to assess the impact of those changes not only for your specific project, but also how it impacts your project portfolio roadmap, resources and financials. Allowing you to quickly react and focus on making the best decision for your organisation.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM5) Services

  1. Portfolio Setup: Organisation, role & meeting setup.
  2. Portfolio Collect: Import, categorise & evaluate new initiatives.
  3. Portfolio Decide: Select, prioritise & authorise new initiatives. 
  4. Portfolio Execute: Evaluate impact of detailed plan updates, baseline project performance & project change requests. 
  5. Portfolio Analysis, Dashboards and Reports: Use portfolio data-insights to make informed decisions.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS5) Services

  1. Schedule Diagnosis: Project plan, estimate & schedule diagnosis. 
  2. Schedule Simulation: Execution scenario & trade-off analysis, and Monte Carlo Simulation risk & forecast analysis.
  3. Schedule Optimisation: For a given time, cost & resource objective optimally solve resource constrained project scheduling problem. 
  4. Schedule Decision: Baseline & maintain approved schedule.
  5. Schedule Analysis, Dashboards and Reports: Use project data-insights to make informed decisions. 

Supplementary Services

  1. Project Schedule Execution: Execute, monitor & control project schedule. 
  2. Project Scheduling Game: Simulate complexity of scheduling a real project. 
  3. Project Recovery: Assess, plan & recover project for agreed objectives. 
  4. Project Support: Consultant sounding board during project portfolio & schedule planning and execution phases.