APS5 Services

/// APS1 – Analysis

Your schedule is translated into a WBS and a Network Chart to ensure these top-down plans are correct and comprehensive. Then your estimates are benchmarked to ensure they are credible and realistic. Finally, your schedule is benchmarked to pinpoint and resolve areas of concern and to validate project logic.

/// APS4 – Execution

For those situations you need a Master Scheduler, we execute your schedule in accordance to your baseline plan. Work is allocated using ‘to-do’ lists, which individuals and teams use to report their progress. This status information is collected and entered into your schedule to record actual project status.  

/// APS2 – Optimisation

Once your project plans, estimates and schedule have been corrected and updated, then your resource-constrained project scheduling problem can be solved. Depending on your needs, this involves minimising time, cost or resourcing, or some combination thereof that provides a good compromise.

/// APS5 – Control

Similarly, we calculate project performance and forecast outcomes, and review top and bottom action thresholds to determine which activities require further actions to lock in gains and/or recover losses. In accordance with your plans, we distribute reports & maintain your baseline by implementing approved scope changes.

/// APS3 – Simulation

The black-and-white focus of the critical path is refined by simulating project progress and understanding activity estimate uncertainty to your project’s final outcomes. Resulting simulation information identifies your projects 1) high risk activities, and 2) most accurate forecast method’s in advance of execution. 

And More…

We are constantly searching for new methods, tools and services that will enhance your APS5 experience, and we value your suggestions to make this a better service.

APS5 Supplementary Services

/// Schedule Estimation *

High-quality schedules require confidence in the estimates provided, which can be achieved using parametric modelling. Parametric models are built from a set of mathematical equations that statistically model actual project data to predict new estimates. Leveraging an extensive database of project performance results, parametric modelling capabilities are provided to confidently size and benchmark your project.

/// Schedule Forensics

For those situations when it is necessary to keep a close eye on project progress, schedule forensics is a cost-effective solution to compare differences made to schedules over time. This root-cause-analysis can be used for ongoing project surveillance, contractor performance reporting or customer disputes.

/// Schedule Acceleration / Recovery

On occasion, optimised schedules do not satisfy requested customer delivery dates. Instead schedule acceleration is needed to reduce a project’s duration, which is achieved using sophisticated mathematical methods. On the rare occasion that none of these methods achieve the desired outcome, then scheduling logic is revised. These same techniques are used to recover troubled projects.

/// Schedule Support

For those situations when you need an experienced consultant to support your team solve their complex problems during the planning, scheduling or execution phases else to just be available for ad-hoc enquiries and to bounce ideas around.

/// Project Scheduling Game

The Project Scheduling Game is a simulation game that illustrates the complexity of scheduling a real project. The game solves a Critical Path Method network problem by focusing on the time/cost relationship of each project activity. By allocating resources to a particular activity, the project manager schedules the project with the negotiated project deadline in mind, focusing on the minimisation of the total project cost.

A PSG session consists of three parts: 1) a general introduction to the critical path method, 2) an 80-minute simulation and 3) a debriefing in which individual and / or team performance and strategies are discussed. The game will be of interest for project planners, managers and team members, and can be played in groups of two to three participants.

If you are interested in an APS5 supplementary service, else integrating and deploying onsite the Oritames APS Scheduler with your Project Management Information System, then please contact us for a demonstration and quote.

Denotes * Coming Soon.