Identify additions, deletions & variances for Microsoft Project schedules

As work is done, progress must be measured to ensure desired results are achieved for given constraints. If a shortfall occurs then timely and appropriate action must be taken to recover.



Your schedule is forensically analysed to report on underlying integrity and whether there is a change over time.


Your schedule is forensically analysed to report whether slippage is occurring to an individual or multiple activities.


Your schedule is forensically analysed to report on its changing nature and in particular its baseline comparison.

Monitor, predict and report project performance

Empowering project organisations and professionals with advanced analytic capabilities and project intelligence to make better informed decisions and achieve project delivery success.

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For Project Professionals

Get the management recognition you deserve by successfully executing, tracking and reporting your project's status, performance and forecast outcomes to support data-driven decisions. 

For Project Organisations

Exceed client expectations and grow your business by ensuring top-down EVM and bottom-up Schedule Risk Analysis action thresholds trigger early warning signals to take timely action to recover troubled projects.

Identify project schedule additions, deletions and modifications.



Predict Project Performance

The implementation of schedule forensic methods can substantially improve project performance. It is through the application of data science to translate raw data in actionable insight, and advanced analytics to build transformative, data powered solutions that performance is improved. Since change is inevitable, every project will experience it. This occurs when work progresses more quickly or slower than planned because of changes in scope and estimation, else changes in direction and approach. Usually, these changes occur soon after a project starts and coincides when the project manager is very busy. Resulting in schedules being abandoned and project management being left to chance and gut fee. If your current methods are weak , then large gains can be achieved to recover troubled projects.

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