Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS5)

Schedule Analysis, Optimisation & Simulation.

Transforming Your Microsoft Schedule into Project Intelligence.

Schedule Better. Faster. More. 

Projects come in many forms, and involve large amounts of people, money and time. Project planning, scheduling and control represents an ongoing challenge, with project performance having a considerable impact on an organisations reputation, competitiveness and profitability.

To solve this challenge, we use our Advanced Planning & Scheduling 5-step (APS5) framework to analyse, optimise and simulate your schedule. Resulting insights create a better project plan and schedule that accelerates project throughput, increases resource utilisation, manages risk exposure, improves duration / cost forecast accuracy and enhances project manager ‘execution-control’ decision-making.

Our APS5 services are tailored to suit the size, scope and complexity of your project. Meaning you only pay for what you use. We also know the importance of successfully executing a plan, so we offer additional services to execute, track and report your schedule’s progress, performance and forecasted outcomes providing your project manager with actionable intelligence to quickly recover troubled projects.   

Schedule Analysis

Your schedule is analysed to pinpoint planning and scheduling areas of concern, & benchmark probability of delivery success. 

Schedule Optimisation

Once scheduling problems are resolved, your schedule is optimised freeing your valuable project resources to do more.

Schedule Simulation

Reflecting estimate uncertainty, project progress is simulated to identify the most risky activities & most accurate forecast method.

Schedule Control

Leveraging previous results, action thresholds are designed that trigger early warning signals to take corrective action.

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Transform you Microsoft Project Schedule into Project Intelligence.