Actionable insights
All the project scheduling capabilities you need.

Solving resource constrained project scheduling problems. 

Pinpoint and resolve areas of concern with your project’s top-down plans, estimates and schedule.

Your Microsoft Project schedule is transformed into top-down plans to check they are correct and comprehensive. While your cost estimates are benchmarked to assess their accuracy and risk. Finally, your schedule is benchmarked to pinpoint areas of concern and to validate project logic. This approach maximises your investment by ensuring your plan, estimates and schedule are of a high quality and suitable for schedule simulation and optimisation. 

  • Transform your schedule into WBS and Network Diagram project plans.
  • Benchmark your estimates against parametric model size, effort & duration.
  • Your project data is sliced & diced to diagnose schedule quality & logic control.

Understand the impact of your schedule’s inherent uncertainty and risk to project outcomes. 

We simulate project execution to refine your schedules black-and-white view of the critical path and explore many different possible outcomes to evaluate which risks to avoid else accept. Similarly, we determine your project’s most accurate Earned Value Management (EVM) forecasting method in advance of project execution. In this way, top-down and bottom-up action thresholds are defined for your project, which if triggered generate an early warning signal to take action to recover troubled projects, allowing for the best data-driven decision-making while executing your project.

  • Understand why your schedule behaves as it does and how it can be improved.
  • Define EVM top-down action thresholds using Monte Carlo simulation .
  • Define risk bottom-up risk action thresholds using Monte Carlo simulation .

Optimise resource constrained project schedules to free your valuable resources to do more.

Every organisation and project experiences resource conflicts, which can only be solved by splitting, delaying or prioritising project activities. We optimise your resource constrained Microsoft Project Schedule using Oritames Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system to create schedules that are up to 30% more efficient than Microsoft Project. Whether you have an individual schedule with multiple resources or a master schedule with a shared resource pool, benefit from multi-objective resource-constrained schedule optimisation. 

  • Multi-criteria optimisation – several criteria at the same time.
  • Multi-constrained – dependency, time and resource constraints.
  • Multi-resource – multiple renewal and non-renewable resources.
  • Multi-project – optimise multi-project schedules for shared resource pools.  
  • Multi-mode – activity single or multiple-mode execution scenarios.

Identify project schedule additions, deletions and modifications.

Change is inevitable making it important to compare differences made to schedules over time. Changes include added / removed activities and constraints, modified logical links, updated resources and assignments, updated progress and Earned Value and changed critical path. This root-cause analysis is used for project surveillance, contractor performance reporting or customer disputes. 

  • Understand added / removed activities.
  • Understand project level changes e.g. status, effort, cost, duration and dates.
  • Understand added / removed / modified logic, resources & assignments.

Manage and analyse your project schedule to make informed decisions.

Get the information you need to better plan, schedule and control your project and to communicate their benefits to senior management. Rather than flying blind else wasting precious time building reports instead spend your time analysing your project schedule insights to get answers to your questions.

  • Use integrated reports for better project scheduling.
  • Avoid gut-feel and instead make data-driven decisions.
  • Get quick answers to what-if questions through scenario planning.