Assess Schedule Risk & Forecast Accuracy

Develop key insights prior to project execution by understanding your project's most accurate forecast method and its riskiest activities and improve control efficiency by defining top-down forecast and bottom-up risk action thresholds.



Your project undergoes a Monte Carlo Simulation to identify its most accurate time/cost EVM forecast method.


Your project undergoes a Monte Carlo simulation to quantify the impact of activity risk and uncertainty.

Action Thresholds

Your project's Top-Down Forecast and Bottom-Up Risk simulation information is used to define action thresholds.

Develop forecast and risk insights prior to execution

Empowering project organisations and professionals with advanced analytic capabilities and project intelligence to make better informed decisions and achieve project delivery success.

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For Project Professionals

Get the management recognition you deserve by identifying your project's most accurate time/cost forecast method and the riskiest activities that require close tracking and monitoring.

For Project Organisations

Exceed client expectations and grow your business with accurate forecasts that predict your projects final project time/cost outcome and reporting your project's changing risk profile over time.

Predict the impact of your schedule’s uncertainty & risk to project outcomes.


  • EVM Forecast Study Report
  • Schedule Risk Analysis Report
  • EVM/SRA Execution Thresholds


  • Your Microsoft Project schedule's execution is simulated to explore its many different possible outcomes and to identify the most important factors driving your risk so you can plan strategies and resources accordingly. Similarly, schedule execution is simulated to evaluate your project’s most accurate forecasting method. Finally, top-down and bottom-up action thresholds are designed, which if triggered generate an early warning signal to take action to recover troubled projects.

Understand Project Sensitivities

The implementation of appropriately designed forecast and risk action thresholds substantially improves project performance. It is through the application of data science to translate raw data in actionable insight, and advanced analytics to build transformative, data powered solutions that performance is improved. Forecast metrics provide early warning signals of problem activities that trigger recovery actions, while  risk metrics support activity based tracking for those activities deemed to be high risk . If your current methods are weak else your projects consistently run over time and budget, then it is likely this approach will improve management understanding of project scope, cost and time.

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