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Seamlessly, allocate work, collect progress reports and update Microsoft Project. 

In accordance with your baseline schedule, when work is being done it is allocated to the team via ‘to-do‘ lists, which is a list of activities assigned to a resource for a given control period. At the end of the control period, the to-do list is used to report individual project progress including any issues. Individual reports are gathered, which are then used to update the Microsoft Project schedule. 

allocate work

Work is allocated to the team via 'to-do' lists. A to-do list is a list of outstanding activities to be completed by a project resource in a given time period and contains all activities started but not finished, and all activities due to start in the period. A period represents the current control period along with future periods.  

To-do List

To-Do List

Your Project Schedule is executed by allocating work to project resources. 



Allocated project resources report progress by completing a timesheet. 

report work

At the end of the control period, project resources report progress using the to-do list by entering the amount of time spent working on each activity, entering the amount of outstanding work remaining and estimating when work will be finished. Also reported are organisation, quality and scope issues and problems. 

track work

Individual reports are gathered and reviewed, and reported data is entered into Microsoft Project in preparation for project team review meetings. 



All timesheets are gathered and data is entered into Microsoft Project. 

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