Diagnose Project Scheduling Issues

Project success depends on the quality of its schedule. A high-quality schedule defines not only an execution roadmap but also the means to identify and respond to potential problems.



Your project data is sliced and diced, and metric libraries are used to target problem areas of concern.


Missing, redundant, circular or out-of-sequence logical links between activities are identified.


Your schedule is benchmarked to assess likelihood of success against comparable projects.

Pinpoint and resolve schedule areas of concern

Empowering project organisations and professionals with advanced analytic capabilities and project intelligence to make better informed decisions and achieve schedule diagnostic success.

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APS3 Schedule Diagnostics

For Project Professionals

Get the management recognition you deserve by creating a high quality schedule that guides execution progress, identifies and resolves potential problems and promotes accountability.

For Project Organisations

Exceed client expectations and grow your business with projects that accurately forecast the effects of delayed, deleted and added effort, as well as possible avenues for time/cost recovery of troubled projects. 

Pinpoint & resolve scheduling areas of concern & benchmark delivery success.


  • Execution Scenario Analysis Report
  • Executive Briefing Report
  • Benchmark Report
  • Diagnostic Report
  • Logic Report


  • Your Microsoft Project schedule is benchmarked against comparable projects to pinpoint areas of concern. Your investment is maximised by ensuring plan, estimate and schedule quality and logic are of a high quality and suitable for schedule simulation and optimisation.

Benchmark Project Delivery Success

The implementation of a high-quality schedule that is comprehensive, well-constructed, credible and controllable enhances decision-support by improving the ability to assess complexity, scheduling deliverables and activities, determining resource allocations, analysing risk, measuring performance and predicting final project outcomes. It is through the application of data science to translate raw data in actionable insight and to build transformative, data powered solutions that performance is improved. It is not uncommon to save many tens of hours per week of scheduling effort, which means project manager time is free to focus where it is needed and ensures the investment to develop the project plan and schedule is not discarded when the going gets tough. If your current methods are weak or if you lack the time to properly diagnose scheduling problems, then it is likely even larger gains can be achieved.

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