Work Breakdown

Your schedule is translated into a WBS, so that you can easily verify project deliverables and scope breakdown.

Precedence Diagram

Your schedule is translated into a PD, so that you can easily verify project deliverables sequence & dependencies.


Your schedules size, effort and duration estimates are benchmarked using parametric estimates.

Translate project schedules into a project plan

Empowering project organisations and professionals with advanced analytic capabilities and project intelligence to make better informed decisions and achieve project plan success.

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For Project Professionals

Get the management recognition you deserve by planning high quality projects that are comprehensive, well-constructed, credible and that build team, stakeholder and management confidence.

For Project Organisations

Exceed client expectations and grow your business with well constructed plans that  clearly define project scope, delivery approach and accurately provides estimates that keeps them coming back for more.

Check project plan integrity to ensure the work, it's sequence and estimates are correct and nothing is missing.


  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Network Precedence Diagram
  • Project Estimate Benchmark Report


  • Your Microsoft Project schedule is translated into top-down plans to check they are correct & comprehensive. While your cost estimates are benchmarked against comparable projects to assess their accuracy and risk.

Maximise Project Plan Success

The implementation of appropriate project planning methods can substantially improve project performance by preventing scope creep for missed functionality, sequencing project deliverables  to iteratively realise benefits more quickly and build stakeholder confidence with accurate estimates that are needed for project success. It is through the application of data science to translate raw data into actionable insight, and advanced analytics to build transformative, data powered solutions that performance is improved. It is not uncommon to gain at least 20 percent improvement in returns, which could easily mean thousands of dollars in additional gains by preventing challenged or failed projects. If your current project planning methods are weak, then it is likely even larger gains can be achieved.

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