Our company leverages leading edge tools to solve your complex scheduling problems.

pminsight is a boutique consultancy specialising in Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) services. We help project organisations and  professionals solve their complex project scheduling problems. Our APS 5-step framework has been designed to help you schedule better, faster and more.

We help you design the project outcome you want.

Whether you are interested in solely minimising project duration, cost or resource usage, else reaching a good compromise by combining project duration, cost and resource usage, we unlock your project schedule’s potential using leading-edge planning & scheduling tools and methods.

APS5 Benefits

Improve Project Plans

Your schedule is transformed into a Work Breakdown Structure & Network Diagram, so that you can better review their accuracy. 

Improve Schedule Quality

Your schedule is analysed to pinpoint quality & logic areas of concern, and to benchmark probability of delivery success. 

Accelerate Project Throughput

Your schedule is optimised using Oritames powerful and versatile artificial intelligent and machine learning activity optimiser.

Increase Resource Utilisation

Your project resources are your largest asset & investment. Smooth demand for supply else test resource what-if scenarios. 

Manage Risk Exposure

Your schedule is simulated to understand the effects estimate uncertainty has to your project, and to design risk action thresholds

Forecast More Accurately

Your schedule is simulated to select your project’s best forecast method, and to design forecast action thresholds

Found Something of Interest ?


Are your services expensive ?

On the contrary. We believe our services are competitively priced, and the value returned far exceeds the cost of the investment required to improve scheduling capability. 

Do I need all 5-steps ?

No. Our services are tailored to your particular needs, meaning you only pay for what you need, however, by being a maturity framework you can’t jump steps.

What other services are you planning ?

Benchmarking your project estimates against comparable projects to ensure their accuracy, so that you confidently set and manage key stakeholder expectations. 

What's involved in a demo ?

The choice is up to you. We can step you through one of our canned demo’s, else for more meaningful results, we can demo one of your current projects. 

How do you work with the project manager ?

Consider us a highly specialised support function operating silently in the background to provide your project manager with unique insights that facilitates better project decision-making. 

What guarantees do you offer ?

We believe so strongly in our results that if after purchasing one of services you are not completely satisfied, then we will provide a full refund. 

Only with pminsight. Schedule Better. Faster. More

There are other planning & scheduling services in the market, but they are nothing like pminsight!