Transformative Project Success

Very few organisations have the necessary capabilities to successfully plan, schedule and manage complex projects. 5 min read.

Transform Your Project into Success

Very few organisations are able to either develop feasible project plans and schedules else get the full benefit of their plans and schedules to drive successful outcomes. Most project managers lack the necessary tools and methods to be successful. If this is your organisation, pminsight is for you.

It starts with your schedule.

We assess and check the quality of your schedule including providing advice of where your schedule needs improving. Once all of the issues are corrected then we have an interim baseline model.

Build and validate a model.

We develop a customised model of your schedule, which is then used to answer specific questions and analyse various ‘what if’ scenarios.

Simulate Model Uncertainty

Since a baseline schedule is a deterministic prediction of precise start and finish times, uncertainty during project progress can cause schedule disruptions, which might cause the baseline schedule to be adapted to a new modified reality. Using advanced simulators we simulate project uncertainty to assess project risk and forecast accuracy.

Optimise Model Outcome

Based on precedence and resource constraints we first resource level your project schedule which pushes your schedule out usually passed the delivery due date. To bring your project schedule closer to the due date, the schedule is optimised to reduce the resource critical path, maximise resource productivity and minimise resource fluctuations during the life of your project.

Project Execution

Using agreed risk and forecast action thresholds that act as triggers to take action, troubled projects are quickly brought back under control, thereby ensuring project success.

Transformation Summary

Most project professionals lack the necessary tools and methods to be consistently successful. By employing pminsight’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling 6-step (APS6) services unlock’s your project’s potential. By translating your raw project data into actionable insight, our APS6 service builds transformative, data powered solutions that improves the chances of project success , offering project organisations and professionals a sustainable competitive advantage.

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