The Bow Wave Effect Schedule Diagnosis

By periodically measuring and reporting uncompleted activities, it is easy to identify a build up of  bow wave activities over time.

The Bow Wave Effect is measured by taking snapshots of time-phased data and reporting the activities scheduled to finish in each period. This practise provides actionable insights not only for individual projects, but also for programs and project portfolios.

Schedule Diagnostics Reports

Our charts contain a Description, Observations and Recommendations, which provide analysis context and suggested actions to mitigate risks associated with the observation.

Time-Phased Early Finish

This chart summarises early start activities scheduled to finish each month.

The Bow Wave Effect

Actionable Data-Driven Insights

Microsoft Project schedule data is transformed using advanced analytics into actionable insights that empower decision makers to make better-informed decisions. ‘Time-Phased Early Finish’ analysis reflects organisation experience of always feeling busy and overworked which manifests itself in repeatedly failing to deliver projects on time.

This insight allows project organisations and professionals to determine the root-cause reason for this behaviour. In this wave, when the source of the problem(s) is uncovered and resolved the organisation can re-plan and schedule their projects accordingly.

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