ISBSG Agile Data Collection Form

ISBSG in conjunction with FIS Global has released a new data collection questionnaire to capture the performance of Agile teams.

ISBSG Agile Team Findings

ISBSG has reported the following:

  1. The world is turning Agile. Consequently, more and more organisations are switching to Agile software development.
  2. In Agile software development, the risks are shifted to the customer. Suppliers supply people on a T&M basis and don’t take responsibility for the result.
  3. Projects are often poorly estimated. While Agile embraces change, projects can easily fail; at moment X in time, not all required functionality is ready. Cost will be higher and the product will be delivered late.
  4. Agile software development empowers Agile teams, but Agile teams don’t use standardised metrics to measure their output. Performance is often unknown.
  5. Senior management is not in control of many Agile teams because of this.
  6. Senior management needs to manage the organisation and is responsible for the cost spent versus the value created.
  7. Senior management needs objective, accurate, trustworthy information to manage the organisation.
  8. Senior management needs to be able to compare teams, to understand high and low performers and to understand the quality and risks in the application portfolio.
  9. At the moment, senior management does not have this information.

Submitting Project Data

To continue providing Agile knowledge to the IT Industry, ISBSG is requesting project data submission. Eligible ‘Development & Enhancement‘ and ‘Maintenance & Support‘ projects rated A or B will be entitled to a range of benefits. Since privacy is important, ISBSG guarantee’s the confidentiality of all organisations that submit project data.

The following methods can be used to send data,


ISBSG is a not-for-profit organisation, that collects current and relevant software data from the industry with the goal to provide this data back to the industry to improve decision making based on data, not on opinions. Currently there are 2 repositories: Development & Enhancements (now over 8250 projects, releases and sprints) and Maintenance & Support (over 1100 applications). See

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