APS6 is a small investment that delivers tremendous project benefits.

Introducing APS6

pminsight in conjunction with its partner, MangoGem has developed a world-class data science and AI Advanced Planning and Scheduling 6-step (APS6) service that unlocks your project’s potential. Our service translates your raw project data into actionable insight and builds transformative, data powered solutions. 

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APs6 Approach

Our capabilities span from Data Analytics, to Monte Carlo Simulation to Artificial Intelligent powered schedules and more.

What We Do

Portfolio Planning

Optimally maximise portfolio benefit and plan a resource-centric project roadmap to ensure your organisational goals and objectives are achieved.

Project Planning

Evaluate project scope, workstream logic and benchmark  accuracy of your size, effort and duration estimates to ensure success.

Schedule Diagnostics

Diagnose and fix your schedule to pinpoint schedule quality and logical areas of concern, and benchmark probability of delivery success.

Schedule Simulation

Simulate impact of project uncertainty and risk to your schedule, and design risk and forecast action thresholds that help keep your project on track.

Schedule Optimisation

Optimise your individual or multi-project resource constrained project schedule and deliver faster and more projects for your available resources.

Schedule Forensics

Forensically analyse your inflight project and identify project additions, deletions and variances from one reporting period to the next.

How APS6 Works


Using project schedule analytic techniques, we help set up your project portfolio for success by diagnosing and fixing plan, estimate and schedule problems prior to project execution.

Actionable Insight

Using Monte Carlo simulation techniques, we help you predict all possible project outcomes, which allows project execution risk and EVM forecast action thresholds to be determined.

Artificial Intelligence

Using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligent techniques, we help you optimally solve project portfolio selection problems and complex resource constrained project scheduling problems.

Why Choose Us

Gain Project Visibility

See just the right information to make the best informed decisions for your project portfolio and project resource teams.

Increased Productivity

Your project resources are you largest asset and most important investment. Improve utilisation by optimising resource supply versus project demand. 

Be Adaptable

When circumstances change quickly get answers to ‘what-if‘ questions through scenario analysis, and resolve resource over-allocations with confidence.

Manage Risk Exposure

Your schedule is simulated to understand the impact of estimate uncertainty and to design bottom-up risk action thresholds.

Accurately Forecast

Your schedule is simulated to select your project’s best time and cost forecast method, and to design top-down EVM forecast action thresholds.

Accelerate Throughput

Your schedule is optimised using Oritames powerful and versatile machine language and artificial intelligent optimiser.

How Do I Get Started?

1. Schedule a Demonstration

Arrange an obligation free demonstration to better understand our services and how they fit together. 

2. Choose Your Plan

We work with you to develop a customised plan that gives you what you need to succeed. 

3. Deliver With Confidence

Whether on your own our with our help, deliver with confidence and achieve your project goal. 


are your services expensive?

On the contrary. We believe our services are competitively priced, & the value returned far exceeds the investment to improve your portfolio, planning and scheduling capability. 

do i need all services?

No. Our services are tailored to your particular needs, meaning you only pay for what you want, however, this may limit full problem solving benefits from being obtained. 

what other services are you planning?

We are constantly reviewing bleeding edge methods and researching other advanced tools and techniques that help give you a leading edge to outperform your competitors. 

whats involved in a demo ?

We step you through each of our specialised services and explain their benefits including advising were we feel they maybe necessary for your particular project needs. 

how do you work with our project managers?

Consider us a highly specialised support function operating silently in the background to provide project professionals with unique insights that facilitates better project portfolio decision-making. 

what guarantees do you offer?

We believe so strongly in our results that if after purchasing one of our services you are not completely satisfied, then we will provide a full refund. 

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What Our Customers Think

Needing to build a high-quality schedule, I found working with pminsight easier than expected. The reports pinpointed areas of scheduling concern and once fixed I was able to perform nudge and scenario analysis.

What sold me on APS5 was how it stepped us through the process of building an optimised schedule. The risk and forecast insights helped us put in place action thresholds to better control our project during execution.

I had limited knowledge of advanced planning and scheduling, so I was amazed by the APS5 process of creating an optimised schedule for our company. For anyone who thinks this is costly and difficult, this will change your mind.

We are here to solve your complex project planning and scheduling problems, and look forward to supporting project organisations and professionals to schedule better, faster and more.

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