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Advanced Planning & Scheduling for IT Project Organisations & Professionals

Projects come in many forms, and involve large amounts of people, money and time. Project planning and scheduling represents an ongoing challenge, with resulting project outcomes impacting an organisation’s profitability, competitiveness and reputation. To solve this challenge, pminsight has invested in leading edge tools and developed an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) 6-phase maturity framework that empowers project organisations and professionals with actionable insights.

Applying advanced analytics and project intelligence, our APS6 insights accelerates project throughput, increases resource utilisation, quantifies risk and improves project predictability and control. Since our services are tailored to suit the size, scope and complexity of your project, you only pay for what you need. Whether you need your project setup for success ‘before’ it commences, else specialised support ‘during’ project execution, we help you deliver projects better, faster and more.

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Our capabilities span the entire analytics lifecycle from Project Data Analytics to Monte Carlo Simulation and Artificial Intelligent Schedule Optimisation.

Project Portfolio Management is Complicated

New projects come in, priorities change, there are not enough resources & projects deviate from plan. This dynamic makes it hard to make good decisions, compromising the ability to close organisational gaps. It doesn’t take long to feel overwhelmed resulting in the decision to slow down new ideas and delivery.

Scheduling Is A Challenge With High Potential

Traditional scheduling approaches are failing. With collapsing product & project lifecycles, organisations are under pressure to improve project throughput & productivity for no or limited changes in resourcing. Commercial schedulers have limited capability and produce poor resource over-allocation solutions.

Select the Right Project Investment

Align project investments with corporate goals, and maximise human and financial resource returns. Establish portfolio criteria, develop plans, perform what-if scenarios & communicate decisions. Gain insights to continually improve project investment performance and decision-making outcomes.

Unlock Potential Using Artificial Intelligence

Diagnose, simulate and optimise your project portfolio schedule’s potential using best-in-class analytics, advanced simulators & artificial intelligent scheduling solvers. Partnering with MangoGem, we have invested in Oritames along with other advanced tools, methods and services so you don’t have to.

Successfully Realise Business Benefits

Our Project Portfolio services help you consistently evaluate, select and prioritise the right project investment so you can focus on what matters: realising your strategic plans. Our main focus is ensuring you have the resource capacity & capability to successfully deliver your project portfolio.

Optimise Project Delivery Throughput

Our Advanced Planning & Scheduling services help you deliver more projects in less time, and to do this seamlessly so you can focus on what matters: delivering your project. While this service is tailored for project portfolios sharing a common resource pool, individual project schedule’s benefit too.

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What Our Customers Think

Needing to build a high-quality schedule, I found working with pminsight easier than expected. The reports pinpointed areas of scheduling concern and once fixed I was able to perform nudge and scenario analysis.

What sold me on APS5 was how it stepped us through the process of building an optimised schedule. The risk and forecast insights helped us put in place action thresholds to better control our project during execution.

I had limited knowledge of advanced planning and scheduling, so I was amazed by the APS5 process of creating an optimised schedule for our company. For anyone who thinks this is costly and difficult, this will change your mind.

We are here to solve your complex project planning and scheduling problems, and look forward to supporting project organisations and professionals to schedule better, faster and more.

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