We are pminsight, a boutique consultancy helping project organisations & professionals solve their complex project planning & scheduling problems.

Transform Your Microsoft Project Schedule with Actionable Insights

Projects come in many forms, and involve large amounts of people, money and time. Project planning and scheduling represents an ongoing challenge, with resulting project outcomes impacting an organisation’s profitability, competitiveness and reputation. To solve this challenge, our Advanced Planning and Scheduling 5-phase (APS5) services empowers project organisations and professionals with actionable insights to empower decision makers to anticipate, respond and take action.

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Our capabilities span the entire analytics lifecycle from Project Data Analytics to Monte Carlo Simulation and Artificial Intelligent Plan & Schedule Optimisation.

Descriptive Analytics

Using project schedule analytic techniques, we help your organisation realise your project outcome by diagnosing and fixing plan, estimate and schedule problems , which sets your project up for success.

Predictive Analytics

Using Monte Carlo simulation techniques, we help your organisation predict all possible project outcomes, which allows project execution risk and forecast action thresholds to be determined.

Prescriptive Analytics

Using advanced heuristics and Artificial Intelligent techniques, we help your organisation solve complex resource constrained project scheduling problems, which optimises your project outcome.

Actionable Insights

Raw project data is transformed and translated into actionable insights that enables decision makers to make a positive impact and achieve organisational goals. Thereby, eliminating gut-feel decision making.

Data Visualisation

Our interactive dashboards are built with easy-to-understand charts to deliver actionable portfolio, planning and scheduling project insights, designed to support project professionals make better decisions.

Lean Methodology

Typical consulting solutions require significant investments both upfront and ongoing. Benefit from a pragmatic approach that quickly establishes portfolio, planning and scheduling project capability.


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What Our Customers Think

Needing to build a high-quality schedule, I found working with pminsight easier than expected. The reports pinpointed areas of scheduling concern and once fixed I was able to perform nudge and scenario analysis.

What sold me on APS5 was how it stepped us through the process of building an optimised schedule. The risk and forecast insights helped us put in place action thresholds to better control our project during execution.

I had limited knowledge of advanced planning and scheduling, so I was amazed by the APS5 process of creating an optimised schedule for our company. For anyone who thinks this is costly and difficult, this will change your mind.

We are here to solve your complex project planning and scheduling problems, and look forward to supporting project organisations and professionals to schedule better, faster and more.

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